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What is Female Libido Anyway?

In order to define female libido, you first have to understand the basics of libido. In its simplest form, libido means sexual desire, but there are few things in this world that are that simple. It was Sigmund Frued that popularized the term and looked deeper into the meaning of libido. While Freudian definitions are helpful to people in search of a degree in sexuality, it probably doesn’t do much justice to the common man – or woman – simply looking for a reason as to why they desire sex more or less then the next guy – or girl.

True to their gender, female libido is a bit more complicated then male libido. There are still mysteries of the female body that continue to elude the medical community, and the study of female sexuality is one of those uncharted medical courses. While men have had their own sexual enhancement products for years to aide them in their sexual desire and performance, women are just beginning to come into their own.

The differences between male and female libido

While male libido is usually a physiological response to stimuli, female libido is more intricate. There are many factors that play a role in female libido, all of which can contribute to either an increase or decrease in desire. If you’ve ever looked at a chart that depicts what it takes for a man to reach sexual fulfillment versus what it takes for women, you’ll see a drastic difference between the two genders. While men are completely capable of becoming aroused and reaching orgasm within minutes, it not only takes women much longer, but it involves several variables.

Female libido isn’t a simple matter of becoming aroused and maintaining that feeling to reach orgasm. In the purest definition of libido, which is “sexual desire,” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how it relates to women. Aside from the physicality of sex, it involves tricky things like hormones, emotions, and psychology. Women require a proper balance of all these things just to become aroused in the first place, never mind achieving orgasm!

How natural sexual enhancements can trigger arousal and more fulfilling intimate encounters

Female libido relies heavily on emotional factors – with love being a big one. Hormones that wreak havoc on a woman’s everyday life can all but destroy her sex life. Psychologically, if a woman’s head isn’t in the moment, then her body can’t often fill in the gaps. Physiologically arousal requires a surge of blood flow to the vaginal areas to not only heighten desire, but make it easier to achieve a powerful orgasm and satisfying sexual experience.

When all of these things work at once, it results in mind-blowing sex. Sometimes all you need is to get past one of these factors in female libido to kick-start the rest, and that’s where female libido enhancers like HerSolution can help. HerSolution can aid in that all-important rush of blood flow to the erotic areas, thereby increasing sexual sensation and making it easier for women to achieve powerful orgasms. Finally, women have a great solution that takes female libido to new levels of pleasure!

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