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Fallopian Tubes

Working as a team along with the Ovaries, the Fallopian Tubes can be understood as a woman's reproductive highway. Essentially, as the Ovaries are responsible for maturing and releasing an egg each month, the Fallopian Tubes are responsible for transporting the egg from the Ovary to the Uterus. Most commonly, if a woman is to become pregnant, a sperm will fertilize an egg while it is in route to the Uterus, allowing for fertilization to occur in the Fallopian Tubes. As the Fallopian Tubes play a vital role in a woman's reproductive abilities, any damage or tear to these tubes can cause infertility or conception difficulties. With modern medical advancements, however, many women with Fallopian problems have encountered remedies and treatment options.

The Details of the Fallopian Tubes


As Ovaries are approximately the size of a peanut or small almond, the Fallopian Tubes are also quite small. As very thin and narrow tubes, these connecting agents are only around 3 to 4 inches in length.


As the Fallopian Tubes are required for traditional methods of conception, the Tubes contain tiny hair-like “arms” that help push an egg along its path, allowing the egg to reach the Uterus. If an egg is fertilized inside the Fallopian Tubes, the egg then becomes an embryo. To prepare for this potential occurrence of fertilization, the Fallopian Tubes naturally contain a healthy and nurturing lining, thus allowing the embryo to experience a safe voyage to the Uterus. While most embryos require several days to pass through the tubes into the Uterus, some embryos speedily enter the Uterus in the course of just a few hours!

Fallopian Tubes and Fertility

If Fallopian Tubes are preventing a woman's ability to conceive, there are typically two main causal factors: Tubal blockage and / or tubal scarring. As these can be fairly common issues for some women, studies show that tubal impairments account for nearly 25 percent of all fertility clinic interventions.

  • Tubal Blockage – A blockage is the most common form of Fallopian complication. Essentially, if a Fallopian Tube becomes to thin or becomes blocked, then eggs can no longer be delivered to the Uterus.
  • Tubal Scarring – Tubal Scarring, which can occur from surgery, specific inflammatory diseases, or other health abnormalities, also inhibit an egg from being sent to the Uterus.

Fallopian Tube Health and Treatments

For women who are facing the unfortunate circumstances of poor tubal health, there are several potential treatment options. Most popularly, women who wish to overcome their Fallopian Tube complications in order to conceive a child can explore procedures such as:

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) – IVF is performed by a medical expert in an office. With this procedure, a doctor fertilizes a woman's egg outside of her body, and then subsequently implants the embryo directly inside the fetus. The success of this procedure varies for each individual, yet studies show that IVF may help approximately 35 percent of women with fertility issues conceive a child.

Fallopian Tube Surgery – In addition to IVF, women can also undergo surgery to repair any damage to their tubes. Surgical procedures will generally strive to remove scar tissue, clear blockages, and / or repair other damaged areas of the tubes.

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