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Alura is marketed in some areas of the world under this name, and under the brand Viacreme in other areas. The topical solution is designed to stimulate the female parts of the anatomy, for more intense orgasms and more satisfying sexual encounters.

According to the product website, nearly half of all women experience little or no satisfaction from clitoral orgasm, and as few as one-quarter experience orgasm through intercourse. Alura promises to help women enhance the sexual experience, with many users experiencing orgasm for the first time and others enjoying more intense or multiple orgasms during a single sexual experience.

What is Alura?

Alura is a topical solution that is massaged directly into the clitoral area prior to or at the onset of intercourse. The proprietary blend in this formula stimulates and sensitizes female sex organs for a more satisfying sexual experience. The specific ingredients in Alura include:

  • Purified water
  • Propylene alcohol
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose NF
  • L-arginine
  • Citric acid
  • Menthol
  • Methylparaben

Purified water is a common base for female enhancement products because it offers effective lubrication of the vaginal area without stickiness. L-arginine is another up and coming ingredient in similar products because of its ability to stimulate blood flow. However, most studies on L-arginine have been done on oral solutions, and the jury is still out on whether topical L-arginine can have the same desired effect.

Menthol is likely the primary ingredient responsible for the warm, tingling sensation that many experience when they apply Alura to sensitive areas.

Who Should Use Alura?

Alura can be used by nearly any woman who wants to enjoy additional lubrication or sexual enhancement today. The product offers ingredients that lubricate the vaginal area, which can be quite helpful to those experiencing vaginal dryness due to medication, hormonal fluctuations, or the aging process.

The topical solution primarily consisting of natural ingredients is considered safe for most women. However, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before using any feminine product to ensure the ingredient list is safe for you.

Pros of Alura

  • The topical solution contains purified water, which can lubricate an otherwise dry vaginal area
  • The product website offers a complete ingredient list for the product
  • The company website offers customer testimonials to support the claims of the product
  • There are some clinical studies cited to support the effectiveness of the ingredients
  • The product addresses vaginal dryness while offering additional stimulation
  • The company provides an unconditional 90-day guarantee on all purchases

Cons of Alura

  • No specific clinical studies are cited on this specific blend of ingredients
  • Alura is one of the more expensive vaginal lubricants on the market today
  • This is not considered one of the more potent stimulants on the market currently
  • Alura is primarily marketed as a vaginal stimulant rather than a lubricant, although most women dealing with low sex drive do so because of vaginal dryness
  • Results of Alura are temporary and reapplication is necessary to maintain desired results

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