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Ovaries, mere minuscule parts of a woman's interior anatomy, are responsible for a myriad of immense powers! Ovaries are oval-shaped and peanut sized glands that are located inside a woman's body. The Ovaries, which rest above a woman's Fallopian Tubes, are responsible for an array of tasks, including imperative jobs such as:

  • The Ovaries house a woman's eggs throughout her life cycle, from birth until menopause
  • The Ovaries are responsible for regulating a woman's hormone levels, which can influence a woman's mood, libido, energy, and additional
    feelings / reactions
  • The Ovaries play a large role in a woman's ability to become pregnant, as the Ovaries are in control of releasing an egg each month. By releasing an egg as scheduled, the egg has the ability to become fertilized, potentially allowing a woman to reproduce.

The Reproductive Powers of the Ovaries

Incredibly, each young female infant is born with all of her potential eggs. In fact, most girls are born with an estimated 1,000,000 eggs. A woman's eggs cannot be created, copied, or grown; moreover, eggs are simply an inherent part of even a nearly fully developed fetus' female anatomy. The Ovaries, which store these eggs, must mature one egg each month (for women with a regular menstrual / reproductive cycle), as the Ovaries must also send the matured egg off to the Fallopian Tubes. As there is both a right and left Ovary, each Ovary takes turns, as one will release an egg one month, while the other takes over for the next month.

While a woman's estimated egg supply of 1,000,000 may sound incredibly high, a woman's body will actually self-absorb most of its eggs before a girl even reaches puberty. As a result, once a girl begins menstruating, there are typically only around 400,000 potential eggs left, as hundreds of thousands of other stored eggs are also destroyed or absorbed throughout a woman's growth cycle.

The Driving Force of the Ovaries

To stimulate the various processes of egg maturation and egg release each month, a woman's body shifts its hormone, estrogen, to either lower or higher levels. A decrease in estrogen causes Ovulation, which is the process of developing and releasing an egg. Adding to this, Progesterone, another hormone, spikes just before Ovulation occurs. As the Ovulation process moves through its stages, a woman's ability to conceive is typically the most high at this time. As it generally takes about 5 to 6 days for a released egg to reach the Uterus, many women who are striving to conceive often chart their Ovulation cycles to plan for intercourse on their most fertile days.

Ovarian Health

There are several common health concerns that can impact a woman's Ovarian health. Most commonly, some women may develop Ovarian cancer and / or Ovarian cysts. While cysts are typically non-serious, although potentially somewhat uncomfortable, growths on the Ovaries, cancerous cells are far more dangerous. To maintain one's Ovarian health, all women should meet with their OBGYN once a year for a full anatomical checkup.

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