Avlimil - Product REview

The End of the Road: How Avlimil picked up my sex life and took it for a ride.Avlimil

As a woman who has seemingly seen and done it all, I figured I must be at the end of my sexual career when I hit menopause.  Nothing was working right anymore, and I barely recognized the body I had known for all these years.  The intense desire I felt for my husband was gone, replaced by confusion, night sweats, and some serious irritability towards the man I had promised to love so many years ago. 

Our sex life hadn’t changed.  In fact, with the kids out of the house, we should have been freer than ever.  We were still the same people, still very much in love with each other, and now we found ourselves with all the time in the world to just be together.  But my body just wouldn’t comply with what my mind thought should be happening.  We’d always been great together, so why the sudden change now?

Where has the love gone?

It’s no joke that menopause is a jungle.  I was prepared for the stereotypical symptoms of menopause like night sweats and hot flashes, but the irritability and downright hostile feeling I felt toward the man I loved was a shock.  It was like a super charged PMS, and I was out of control.  I feared this was the end of my sexual life.  There was nothing I could do.  Millions of women before me had experienced this turn of events, and now it was my turn. 

What I found out was that my hormones were completely out of whack!  Now while this is true for every woman experiencing menopause, I was astounded to find out there was a way to relive the symptoms.  Until recently, I believed that menopause and all its many facets was a fact of life that every woman must face, and there was nothing you could do about it.  I had then miraculously heard about Avlimil – a product promising to provide equilibrium to my out of balance hormones. 

Avlimil completed me

In what seemed almost like desperation for the sex life that I had once cherished, I tried Avlimil.  The very way Avlimil works provides equilibrium in female hormones to help me regain the sensual and sexual feelings I once had.  I found out that once one part of my hormonal chain of command wasn’t working, it applied to the rest of my sexual being.  Avlimil restored the chain of command and made my body feel what it was supposed to be feeling – what it was used to feeling during sexual encounters. 

The components that make up Avlimil help take away the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and mood swings, and replace them with desire.  As I entered menopause, I discovered you lose essential nutrients that aide sexual desire and response.  However, I figured that I had nothing to lose, but an exciting sex life to gain – and so I began my trial of Avlimil.

Within the first week, I felt significantly different towards my husband and our sexual escapades.  I found that I no longer made excuses for why we should not have sex – but instead, I felt myself wanting my husband everywhere we went.  When my PMS raging hormones subsided, I felt completely revved up, ready to go….and let’s just say that our bedroom was not big enough to contain my newly found sex life and pleasure!


Reviewed by Beth, AU.