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Mons Pubis

The mons pubis is a fatty region that can be found directly above a woman's public bone. Typically, the mons pubis area is comprised of coarse skin and public hair. Providing a woman's body with natural physical protection during intercourse, the mons pubis helps to protect a woman's underlying bones and tissues.

The Purpose of the Mons Pubis

As the weight of one's sexual partner, the motions that the body experiences during intercourse, and an array of other factors can cause injury to a woman's gentle anatomical regions, the mons pubis acts as a form of body guard, protecting the gentle pubic regions from harm. With a fatty-based padding, the mons pubis serves as a cushion for added comfort and safety. Adding to this benefit, the mons pubis also helps stimulate olfactory aromas that serve to increase a woman's sexual attractiveness. As the mons pubis contains both sebaceous and sweat glands, this region helps send out a sexually appealing smell that can stimulate feelings of arousal.

The Development of the Mons Pubis

  • As a woman's anatomy develops, the mons pubis transforms through various stages:
  • Prior to her first menstrual cycle, a woman's mons pubis contains very little fat, and is noticeably more flat
  • When puberty occurs, a woman's body begins to release estrogen and progesterone. As a result, the mons pubis begins to grow hair and gradually builds up fatty tissues to this region
  • After a woman experiences menopause, the pubic hair found on the mons pubis gradually becomes more coarse, thin, and gray. Additionally, the mons pubis also begins to lose some of its fatty tissues.

Areas Surrounding the Mons Pubis

As the mons pubis rests directly above the pubic bone, the mons pubis also helps form the frontal portion of the vulva. Furthermore, the mons pubis also divides into the labia majora (also known as the larger anterior “lips” of the vagina). The labia majora is the set of fatty tissues surrounding the smaller labia minora, clitoris, and the vaginal opening.

The Aesthetics of the Mons Pubis

Due to genetics or after childbirth, some women often complain of the excess fat that has accumulated around their mons pubis region. While the mons pubis certainly is designed to have a padding of fat, some cases demonstrate an overly abundant accumulation of fat in this area. To treat this, some women choose to undergo various forms of plastic surgery, including liposuction and / or tummy-tuck procedures.

Additionally, some women prefer to groom their mons pubis by removing the pubic hair from this region. To remove hair from the mons pubis, some women choose from a variety of procedures:

  • Shaving
  • Laser hair removal
  • Waxing (known as a Brazilian wax)
  • Hair removal creams

Since the skin around this region may be sensitive, women should consult with a licensed professional prior to attempting to remove all hair the mons pubis.

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