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Female Sex Drive: What to Do When It Is Lost

Studies have shown time and again that the average woman reaches her sexual peak at around the age of thirty, give or take a few years. Though this may vary greatly from woman to woman, there are few women who do not experience a sexual peak of some sort. This may be mild, or it may be intense. Whichever the case, following the peak, a decline will typically begin. This means that after a few years, a woman will become naturally less interested in sex than she was before or during her sexual peak.

Unfortunately, this decline can bring trouble into a relationship and unhappiness into a woman’s life. Hormones go into unbalance or begin to shrink away, vaginal dryness may set in, and sex becomes fairly low on the priority list.

Why This Can Be a Problem

Besides the effects this can have on the woman herself, a sharp decline in sexual libido can mean trouble for a marriage or relationship. Relationships already have to struggle with an imbalance between the partners’s sexual drive. Often, it is the male who wants sex much more often than the female, though this is reversed in some cases. In this case, however, it can become much more dramatic. The woman might never want to have sex, while the male might continue to want it on a regular basis. Faking it usually does little to solve the issues. The other partner will sense the reluctance and it won’t be any better than flat out refusal. This is usually the time when the man might seek an extramarital affair, trying to find out in the world what he is unable to get at home.

Solutions to the Problem

There may not be a female Viagra out there, but there are products that have been developed that can help a woman regain much of what she lost after her sexual peak. Some doctors have been prescribing small amounts of the hormone testosterone to women who have lost that loving feeling. While too much testosterone would obviously be a detrimental thing, a little is present in a woman at any age. If the woman has lost some of that natural testosterone, it can cripple the sex drive. Therefore, adding a little back in (only under a doctor’s strict supervision) could help the problem.

Birth Control

With both young women and older women, birth control can often be the cause of a lack of sexual drive. Older women sometimes take birth control as a way to control the symptoms of menopause. Younger women take it, of course, as a way of preventing unwanted pregnancy. In both cases, however, the drugs can sometimes have a strong negative effect on sex drive. If this is a suspected problem, it might be a good idea to switch birth control medications, or find an alternate way to deal with the issues the medication is addressing.


A product called HerSolution has recently been developed, using only all natural ingredients. It should, perhaps, be the first stop on any woman’s journey back to sexual pleasure. Its proprietary blend of ingredients can help lubricate the vagina, increase sexual attraction and libido, and promote an overall sense of well being. Before you go messing around with your hormones, try HerSolution and see if you can’t solve the problem in a better way.

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