Want to enjoy the pleasure of sex again? More specifically, do you want to say good bye to vaginal dryness and ignite red-hot passion that will have you burning with desire and sexual pleasure? Intviar is not just another lubricant but a unique female renewal gel. When you apply it to sensual areas, you'll experience an intense turn-on!

HerSolution Gel

Want to think sexy, feel sexy, and be sexy? HerSolution Gel will intensify arousal, put you in a hot, playful mood, and give you a powerful feeling of erotic sensuality. Your lover won't know what hit him! All-natural ingredients combine to create sexual desire, intense pleasure, sensations you've forgotten you could have!


Sometimes it seems life drains everything right out of you-and you've got no time or energy to recharge or feel energized for making love. If your idea of foreplay is a nap, you need to get HerSolution-the all-natural herb and vitamin supplement with the power to reinvigorate your body and re-ignite passion in your love life!


If you want to enhance your sexual desire, enjoy intense stimulation and physical sensations, climax more frequently, add excitement to your sex life, and experience incredible, powerful orgasms with the one you love, Provestra is an all-natural, prescription free sexual enhancement designed specifically for women.

Libido for Her

No matter what the reason for your lack of desire, Libido For Her will enhance your sexual appetite, have you hungering for intimacy, and re-energize you in the bedroom! 100% natural, Libido For Her is the perfect solution for women suffering from too much stress, menopause, fatigue, the side effects of medication.

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K-Y Intrigue

K-Y Intrigue is another feminine product from the K-Y company that has introduced many female enhancement products to the market in recent years. This product is touted as an improvement over other K-Y lubricants because it is longer lasting for more foreplay and intimacy in the bedroom.

K-Y Intrigue provides necessary lubrication to women who have lost their sexual drive or satisfaction due to vaginal dryness that is common during the middle years of life. It can create a more pleasurable experience for both men and women, as the light application encourages and enhances skin-to-skin contact.

What is K-Y Intrigue?

K-Y Intrigue is a basic lubricating product, but it is also much more. This formula offers longer lasting effects than other feminine enhancement products, prolonging the pleasure and intensifying the skin-on-skin experience. Ingredients in K-Y Intrigue are listed on the company website and include dimethicone and dimethiconol. These substances use silicone technology for a more natural feel and a better sexual experience overall.

Despite its silicone base, K-Y Intrigue offers a sensually light texture that is odorless and non-sticky. The formula is strictly used as a lubricant, with no additional ingredients to offer a warming sensation or clitoral stimulation. However, K-Y does offer products specifically for this purpose, and they can be used in combination with K-Y Intrigue to offer a more fulfilling sexual experience overall.

Who Should Use K-Y Intrigue?

K-Y Intrigue is appropriate for any woman who has experienced a loss of desire or sexual satisfaction because of vaginal dryness. This is a common condition for women in the menopausal years, since lubrication decreases as hormone levels diminish at this time. Dryness can also be a problem for women right after childbirth or when they are taking certain medications.

The advantage of K-Y Intrigue is that it can be used any time, prior to sexual activity for a more satisfying experience. Because it is longer lasting, reapplication will not be necessary in the middle of your bedroom experience. K-Y Intrigue can also be used with latex condoms, although it is not recommended with other types of condom use.

Pros of K-Y Intrigue

  • K-Y Intrigue comes from a company that is well known in the female enhancement industry
  • At around $17 a bottle, this product is relatively inexpensive and discounts can be found
  • The formula contains only two active ingredients, lessening the likelihood of irritation from this product
  • The item is readily available through a host of online retailers and brick and mortar stores
  • The topical solution is safe for most women to use and will not interact with medications or medical conditions

Cons of K-Y Intrigue

  • The company website does not appear to offer customer testimonials or clinical research to support their claims
  • A money back guarantee is not offered on purchases through the company website
  • This product does not contain ingredients to enhance clitoral stimulation for better orgasms
  • There is nothing in the formula to increase libido or stamina
  • The product should not be used as a contraceptive and can only be used in combination with latex condoms

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