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Female Anatomy External

As the female anatomy is comprised of both internal and external components, each individual region of the female anatomy holds specific purposes and roles. In examining the external facets of the female anatomy, it is imperative to note that the external regions of a woman's anatomy are typically more sensitive and sensory responsive. As a result, the external regions of a woman's anatomy can be explored for more satisfying sexual pleasures and satisfaction.

The External Female Anatomy

While the internal components of a woman's anatomy are mostly responsible for the various complex steps of reproduction, the external anatomical parts have a different set of tasks. External parts that make up a woman's anatomy include:

  • The Labia Majora – This region is often known as the vaginal “lips,” as the Labia Majora is a fleshy area that surrounds the vaginal opening.
  • The Labia Minora – Similar to the Labia Majora, the Labia Minora are also known as “lips” that surround the vagina. Unlike the Labia Majora, however, the Labia Minora are smaller in size, and can be found inside the surrounding Labia Majora tissues.
  • Clitoris – As one of the most sensitive regions in a woman's genital area, the clitoris is a thin organ that can be found inside the Labia Minora, directly above a woman's vaginal opening. By touching, massaging, and stimulating the clitoris, many women are able to experience more intense and invigorating orgasms and sexual reactions. Adding to this benefit, many women believe that massaging the clitoris during foreplay helps boost a woman's sex drive and physical response.
  • Mons Pubis – The Mons Pubis is an area found directly above the public bone. Comprised of soft, fatty tissues, the Mons Pubis serves to protect a woman's body during physical intercourse / interactions
  • Perineum – The Perineum is a small area that can be found directly behind the vaginal opening. Here, between the vaginal hole and the anus, the Perineum rests as a small patch of skin. Typically, the perineum does not have any pubic hair.
  • Vagina – The vagina is considered to be both an external and an internal region of the female anatomy. The vaginal tissues are able to contract and expand as a woman becomes aroused and / or engages in various forms of sexual activity. During intercourse, a penis enters a woman's body through the vaginal opening.

In addition to the external anatomical components of a woman's lower areas, there are also significant anatomical features found in a woman's chest region. As an external accessory to a woman's reproductive system, the breasts serve as functional nourishing agents after childbirth, providing a newborn with milk. Adding to this functional purpose, the breasts also serve as an integral component to a more stimulating sexual response. As the breasts are comprised of highly sensitive tissues, each woman may prefer a different form of breast stimulation and massage. With the desired application of caress and touch, the sensations experienced by the breasts may help some women enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences.

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