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The Causes of a Shrinking Female Libido

For women who experience a decrease in libido, the truth is that there is not one specific answer to the problem. Like almost everything else in life, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, as each woman is an individual. However, there are some factors in every woman’s life which can lead sexual dysfunction.

With all of the pressures and responsibilities placed upon women, it is no wonder we are not happy in the bedroom. There’s a larger demand for women to be everything to everyone - from the workplace and careers to being a wife and mother. It’s inevitable that something has to give, and for most women, the easiest thing to pick off their list is sex. All the chaos of your day is enough to claim simple exhaustion as the culprit behind loss of libido.

Everyday life isn’t the only thing slowing down female libido

An extension of grueling everyday life that drains your life force is any problems you may be having with your partner at home, or even stressful work conditions. Since female libido gets its fuel from several different components – such as hormones, emotions, and psychology among others– it stands to reason that if one of these areas is out of kilter, it will deliver a damaging blow to your libido.

There are, of course, medical reasons behind libido loss – some you may not even have considered since they don’t seem directly related to your sex drive. High blood pressure, diabetes, frequent headaches or migraines, and mental issues can have an impact on libido because of the affliction or the medications that are often necessary to keep these troubles at bay. Medicines that treat depression are highly regarded as libido-killing drugs. However, it should be strongly advised that if you are on a medication to treat a medical issue that you should not stop using it without discussing it with your doctor.

Stresses you aren’t even aware of can cause a lack of sexual desire

Major life altering events are also great triggers for knocking down libido. The obvious is having a baby, but even things like switching jobs or moving can impact your stress levels and result in the form of low libido. Giving birth doesn’t only change your life – it changes your body as well. Those hormones, emotions, and physical aspects of your life pull you in different directions, and it is difficult to pull all of those elements in. Other life factors can impact your libido as well; moving or switching jobs is also physically and mentally draining to the point where sex is the last thing on your mind.

Getting your sexual desire back

Whatever the reason behind your lack of sexual desire – whether it’s medical, exhaustion or stress – there has never been a better time for a woman then now to resolve these problems with natural sexual enhancements. A promising new solution that can win back your libido is HerSolution. It’s all natural so it will not affect any medications you may already be on, and has been proven by many women to create a libido – or sexual desire – where there once was none. HerSolution not only helps lift your libido from the depths, it makes sex more enjoyable and therefore more fulfilling. Rescue your decreasing libido with a product like HerSolution that can help you achieve a truly satisfying and enjoyable sex life!

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