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Female Orgasm Problems

The female orgasm is an entity unto itself. Ever so much more than just the physical response that the male orgasm is, the female orgasm embodies the physical along with the emotional. Simply put – if a woman’s head and heart aren’t in it, her body isn’t going to cooperate. Not only do women have to strike a harmonious balance between hormones and emotions to become physically aroused, the ride to the orgasmic top is often slow and sometimes unattainable. But how do you know if there’s a real problem with achieving orgasm?

The physical facts on achieving orgasm

Many factors go into the female orgasm. The first thing is you have to want it. After that, it all comes down to arousal and stimulation. A woman needs a considerably longer time to become sufficiently aroused to even allow for sexual intercourse, and then still longer to reach higher levels of excitement that result in orgasms. Sometimes, a woman is interested at first, but then somehow loses her momentum. At this point, her head kicks in with questions as to why her body seems to have failed her, and then orgasm is just a dream at that point.

Causes and Symptoms of female orgasm problems

It’s no great secret that women are laden with more responsibilities these days, and there simply isn’t enough of their energy to go around. Sometimes the easiest thing to let slide is sexual relations, but there may be more to the lack of sexual excitement than mere exhaustion. If you’ve experienced orgasms in the past, but are suddenly having problems, there are a number of things that could be causing the change. Occasionally, certain medicines may interfere with arousal and orgasm. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge of your own body, then it’s often difficult for a partner to follow your lead - if you don’t know where to lead them! Maybe your mind is wandering or you could even be thinking about your partner and if they’re having a good time.

If you’ve never experienced an orgasm, or you are just now having trouble, you may be wondering if you have a real problem. If you have a desire to be stimulated, but still never or seldom achieve orgasm, it may have something to do with either your ability to maintain arousal or how your partner is providing stimulation. The important thing to remember is that you are certainly not alone and you should not despair!

A solution!

It’s been said before that there’s never been a better time to be a woman, but this time it’s true! Finally women are getting the recognition they deserve when it comes to female sexual health. While men have had sexual enhancements practically thrown at their feet, it’s now time for women to get theirs. HerSolution will not only restore your passion and desire for sex, but its special all natural blend will help you maintain arousal and heighten your sensitivity for more powerful and satisfying orgasms. HerSolution does not interfere with any medications, and considering that it is completely natural, this is a safe way for you to achieve the sexual satisfaction you desire. Bring fire back into your bedroom and ignite the passionate in you once again.

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